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The whole of Singapore was in a hot, dense state. One day, some savoury Japanese seaweed collided with some atas butter, causing a spontaneous explosion of flavour that was off the Richter scale. We bottled that explosion, and here it is in a jar.


Okay, maybe it didn’t happen quite that way. But yes, Dirty Delicious Umami Butter is the hedonistic, high-voltage lovechild of Japanese seaweed and top-quality butter. Sam devoted a whole year to unlocking the mysteries of its rich, deep flavours, coaxing them out of hiding by saying, “Heeere, butter butter butter.” The result was a whole new flavour that was out of this world: Intense, savoury and shiok all the way to Bedok.


Besides eating it with good crusty bread, Sam started adding the Umami Butter to all his food. He used it in his sauces. He combined it with aromatics for next-level nuances. He spooned it generously onto seafood, meat and pasta. It gave the dishes the depth and complexity that as a chef, he had always dreamed of achieving.


You wanted to know his dirty little secret to delicious food? This is it.


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  • Dirty Delicious Umami Butter has no preservatives or artificial ingredients. It contains dairy, including cheese; and may contain traces of nuts, sesame seeds, soy, and eggs. We emphasize once again that our product has no weird nasty stuff.

  • Keep refrigerated at 4° and your butter will be good for 6 months.

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